•  Assorted nigiri  and sushi rolls on platter
  • Interior, sushi bar
  • chicken karaage

Kasumi Sushi

About us

Kasumi is a family-owned restaurant. It is an all-you-can eat sushi with Asian entrees. We would like to bring all-you-can eat sushi concept into Lincoln. All You Can Eat seating ends an hour before closing, regular menu options may still be available. 

To serve up high-quality, healthy food in a convenient and responsible way. We are committed to consistently bringing you delicious sushi made using only the most premium ingredients.

At KASUMI you can always feel great about what you're eating! Now bringing an authentic taste of the sushi to KASUMI is our newest goal. Inspired by sustainable, seasonal, and natural ingredients, KASUMI is committed to bringing you superior seafood and Japanese cuisine. Being socially and environmentally responsible is a commitment. Kasumi will be the destination for fresh, fast, and reliable food.